24Bettle has officially launched!

24Bettle has officially launched!


24Bettle has officially launched! 
24bettle is an online casino and sportsbook brand with a twist, and an all new way to enjoy your favourite casino games. At 24Bettle you not only play the best online casino games out there, produced by Microgaming and NetEnt, for example, you will be challenged sideways as well, to reach the ultimate experience!





Play your favourite games as usual, but select while you are at it your preferred mode, depending on your mood! Are you up for some die hard gambling? Select our Hardcore sections for high risks and high achievement rewards! Feeling a bit of an all-rounder today? We will serve you some nice side achievements all across our website to challenge you! Up for spinning reels? Slots is the right pick for you for today!



24Bettle has officially launched


With your favourite section selected and active, you will find your way to level up, work on your personal multiplier and earn well deserved valuables to reward your hard work! With nice side features, like wildcards and rewards earned on the in the background running Casual section, you will always be able to move a long, even if an achievement appears to be out of your league!



Once you join our exciting world of finest casino games, comprehensive live-casinos with live dealers and a captivating sportsbook area, you will become a Bettle fan like all others!






The “Bettles” is where things get really interesting! We’ve created a space for players to put their skills to the test against others, in direct global casino competition. There’s always an upcoming Bettle for your style of play and, of course, they’re free to enter.

If you haven’t done so already, you can sign up for free now to begin your journey and see what all the fuss is about! A secret tip: sign up with Twitter, Facebook or Google+, and you already slide a long one of the first challenges in our Casual mode!

Enough for the basics, sign up now, and let us take you with us on the casino journey of your life!

Have a Bettle day!

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