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DigiBet Virtual Football League

How to play


With The Virtual Football League (Abbreviated to: VFL), you can place bets on virtual football around the clock!
The Virtual Football League consists of 16 teams. Each season has a total of 30 match days, played across an even amount of Home- and away-games. A season lasts for 150 minutes.
A game can be joined at any time – as long as it’s within the pre-season.


Season information

A season consists of 30 rounds / match days. The season is divided into three phases: „Pre-league“, „Match day loop“ and „Post-League“. „Pre-League“ runs before the start of a season and lasts about 2.30 minutes. The individual rounds are summarized in the „Match day loop“ phase. The match-time is 4:35 minutes per individual game. After the season has finished, there is a 60-second „Post-League“ phase.

Match day
One match day / round lasts for 4:35 minutes, with the actual playing time being 3:00 minutes.
The match-day is divided into 60 seconds of „Pre-match“, followed by 1st and 2nd half – both at 90 seconds each, a 10-seconds long half-time break and finally a „Post-match“ phase before it automatically moves on to the next round.

Betting on the current match-day can be done up until 10 seconds before kick-off. However, the betting markets for any future rounds will still remain open.

The following betting options are available for each match: 3-way (1,X or 2), Handicap, First Goal, 3-way / 1st half, Over/Under Goals and Correct Score.

All Virtual Football League matches will be broadcasted as live video streams through an integrated media player in your browser. The user can switch freely between the 8 available games per match day or alternatively just follow his desired match completely. The games are broadcasted in a so-called Highlight-Mode.

The match simulations are created through a combination of Artificial Intelligence and independent random number generators. Simultaneously, the performance parameters of the VFL players are based on professional football players (E.G in terms of number of goals, fitness, consecutive match-statistics etc).

An overview of all available betting types.

The Virtual Football League can offer the following types of bets:

1X2 (Home, Draw or Away)
Handicap (1:0 or 0:1)
Over/Under 2.5 Goals
Half-Time Result
Correct Score

Below, you will find the individual types of bets described in detail. To access the special bets for each individual game, simply click on the Betting Program for the Virtual Football League and you will find it on the left under the blue underlined “Options” button. Clicking that, will display all available bets for that game.

With the 1X2-bet, the player has to guess the correct outcome of the match. When selecting the outcome, „1“ is for a Home-win, „X“ is for a Draw and „2“ is for the Away team to win.

With the Handicap-bet, the player selects the outcome of the match with one team having a fictitious goal advantage. For example, the Home team can start with a 1-0 advantage. If the player then chooses a Handicap win for the Home team, the team has to either draw or win. If instead the selection is an „X“, the Away-team has to score one more goal than the Home team (E.G. 2:1, 1:0 or 4:3) in order for the player to win. If the bet is a „2“, that the Away-team will win when the Home team has a Handicap start, then the Away-Team must win with at least two more goals than the Home Team in order for it to be a winning bet.

Over/Under 2.5 Goals
The Over/Under-bet allows the player to bet on the total amount of goals. By default, it is set to Over or Under 2.5 Goals. In order to win an „Over 2.5 Goals“ bet, there needs to be at least a total of three goals in the game (E.G. 2:1, 4:2, 3:0). To win an „Under 2.5 Goals“ bet, there cannot be more than a total of two goals at the end of the game. (E.G. 1:1, 0:2, 0:0).

Half-time Result
The Half-time result bet is similar to the standard 1,X,2 bet , in the sense that the player has to choose either 1, X, or 2 for the result of the 1st Half. So, for example, if the player chooses 1, or the Home-Team to win the 1st Half, then the Home Team has to lead by at least one goal before the whistle blows for Half-Time. This bet does include the injury time that is added onto the original 45 minutes.

Correct Result
With the Correct Result bet, the final result has to be correctly guessed. To win the bet, the predicted result has to be the final result. If the player predicts a 2-0 win, then the end result has to be 2-0 after 90‘ minutes, otherwise it is a losing bet.

General advice / tips
Betting on a game within the Virtual Football League is possible at any time – as long as it’s within the pre-season.

If you prefer, you can also bet on the games for the following day. Simply select the day you want from the „Matchday“ bar at the bottom and the games related to that day along with the odds will be displayed.

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