Monika P. from Katowice, Poland Winner “The 5 Billionth Bet” on Betsson

Betsson - The 5 Billionth Bet promotion - 100,000 in prizes


Betsson – The 5 Billionth Bet winner: Monika P. from Katowice, Poland 


In August 2014 Betsson have launched 5 Billionth Bet campaign where they gave away 1 million kr/€100,000/290,000 PLN worth of prizes.

Half of that was given to 8 different players when they reached different milestones along the way.

The milestones were set up with 25 million round intervals.

The other half, 500,000 kr/€50,000/150,000 PLN, would be given to the player who plays game round number 5 billion.

There was no opt in requirement for this campaign. The only requirement was to play the milestone round.

Monika P. from Katowice, Poland  Betsson winner


On Monday (13.10.2014) morning 26 year old Monika P. from Katowice, Poland who registered in Dec 13, played in the Casino.

She had no clue that this session would be so rewarding. The winning game round was a 1 PLN spin on the Casino slot Wild Water. In the game, she actually lost on that spin, but in the end she ended up winning 150,000 PLN.

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